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Many of todays's youth suffer from depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and many    other mental illnesses. We aim to help those who seek refuge in music by sending them to the shows they deserve to see. Since we all know just going to a concert won't cure the problem, we are going to go a step further. Not only will we be sending deserving people to the shows they've only dreamed about, but we aim to give them a safer, more educated environment to seek help in. The stigmas surrounding mental health make it difficult for many to admit they need help. Many people aren't even educated enough on mental illnesses to know that what they are suffering through is as serious as depression, social anxiety, OCD, etc. Through public projects and fundraisers we are going to tear down the wall of stigma surrounding mental health, and rock out while doing it!  Find out how you can help today.

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Photo by supergenijalac/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by supergenijalac/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Eloi_Omella/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Eloi_Omella/iStock / Getty Images


Find out about our organization, mission, goals, and the ways you can help us change the world.

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NOTE: The Music Sanctuary is not yet a legally licensed and operating organization or foundation. All donations at this time go through our gofundme. We will be setting up a nomination form soon, however, that is not yet embedded onto the website at this time.